“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

Resource Development for Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative

In an era of increasing competition for resources, collaboration is often the name of the game for diversifying funding sources and providing services for the greatest possible impact. This is an ideal that, in practice, is highly complex and demands ingenuity and strategy to achieve. The Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative (SEPC) is a network of seven service organizations working to improve the life prospects of youth and the broader community in Southeast Philadelphia. Now at a critical juncture as it seeks to expand collaborative services, SEPC came to Fairmount for a resource development strategy that would allow joint pursuit of grant opportunities for service expansion, while also assuring SEPC’s long-term sustainability.

Fairmount has a proven track record of success designing plans for partnering agencies. We’re working with SEPC to develop guidelines and processes for pursuing new grant opportunities and assuring equitable distribution of resources in keeping with the needs and contributions of each agency. This entails identifying circumstances under which collaborative grants are sought, determining the optimal organizational structure for coordinating grantseeking activities, clarifying each agency’s role and responsibilities, and establishing mutually agreed-upon protocols and agreements that cover it all. As a result of this work, SEPC will have a framework and strategy for increasing grant income that will not only assure that “all boats rise” but will also improve outcomes for the Southeast Philadelphia community SEPC serves.

Fairmount Services: Resource Development