Brokering Mergers and Affiliations

Whether considering a merger or affiliation enthusiastically or as a last resort, nonprofit leaders worry about continuing to serve clients, loss of identity, board and staff members’ roles, supporters’ reactions—all dynamics that we understand and know how to navigate.  Fairmount built expertise and deep practice in facilitating nonprofit mergers and affiliations long before the M-word became the hot topic of panel discussions and journal articles.

Our unique expertise in this arena makes us the firm the Philadelphia nonprofit community turns to again and again for merger, affiliation, joint venture, and program-specific partnership support.  We help clients identify and evaluate potential partners, including those beyond the usual suspects.  We evaluate multiple affiliation options and the tangible and intangible impacts of merging multiple agenda, boards, staff and finances.  We also help boards and staff design effective internal and external communication plans so that key stakeholders understand the value and strategic impact the merger or affiliation will have.

Our time-limited, transparent process and expert counsel allow clients and their boards to consider options and make informed, strategic decisions—not to mention reduce their anxiety about the dreaded M-word. Services include:

  • Identifying and vetting potential partners
  • Helping boards and management consider their options
  • Facilitating the negotiation process
  • Leading due diligence and testing ideas with external stakeholders
  • Transition and implementation support

Case Studies: the Fairmount-facilitated merger between United Way and Greater Philadelphia Cares