Building High-Performance Boards

The bad news is that nonprofits often find themselves wanting to take their board to the next level but without the contacts or know-how to jumpstart the process. The good news? Fairmount is the region’s expert in nonprofit board development.

The cornerstone of Fairmount’s board development services is our approach to recruitment, which takes nonprofits beyond their list of ‘usual suspects’. Boards can fall victim to groupthink or discover they only know people just like themselves when what they need is people from completely different circles of influence with fresh perspectives. Fairmount connects nonprofits to current and emerging thought leaders through dynamic connector events: we invite professionals and community leaders who are connected to people with skills, access and passion. Through these unique confabs we’ve identified board members who think strategically and see the big picture; bring diversity of experience, expertise, and access; and who see fundraising as a fundamental board role.

Successful board development goes beyond assembling the right team of individual players. Fairmount also helps to revitalize sleepy boards for nonprofits whose missions have evolved but whose boards have not. We advise nonprofit executives and board leadership on how to revamp and sustain committee structures that more effectively engage members and inspire them to more fully participate in the nonprofit’s advancement.

Fairmount’s board development services include:

  • Identifying and recruiting new members to take the board to the next level
  • Revitalizing the board’s structure for more meaningful participation
  • Re-engaging board members into the life of the nonprofit
  • Preparing the board for fundraising
  • Supporting leadership to make the transition to a higher functioning board

Case Studies: Board development for the Center for Reproductive Rights