Business Planning: Revenue-Generating Social Enterprises

Nonprofit leaders live in a rapidly changing environment characterized by budget constraints, shifts in funder priorities, and competition from other nonprofits and, now, for-profit entities. Once assured funding streams are often shrinking or vanishing leaving many nonprofits looking for ways to translate their knowledge and expertise into mission aligned, revenue generating enterprises that can help underwrite core operations, advance their mission and maintain talent. Fairmount is a leader in developing business plans to do just that.

Our business plans build on our deep understanding of the marketplace, strategic planning and where the money will come from. We create a variety of financial models and then test them under different sets of assumptions to make sure that the final business plan is grounded in data-driven reality and not wishful thinking or unsupported assumptions. While we have helped innumerable nonprofits launch revenue generating enterprises that continue to thrive, we are not afraid of telling clients “this dog don’t hunt” when our research determines that what felt like a good idea won’t deliver.

Fairmount’s comprehensive, market-based approach allows clients to test new ideas and envision how they can advance through innovation, expansion to new markets, decreased dependence on shrinking traditional revenue sources, and be recognized as an employer of choice for the best talent.

Case Studies: Fairmount’s business planning for Graduate!PhiladelphiaMazzoni Center, Penn State Extension, and the Pottstown Early Action Kindergarten Readiness Initiative (PEAK)