Nicole Meyenberg

Vice President & Partner

Nicole Meyenberg, Fairmount VenturesNicole enjoys playing the roles of thinker, planner, and do-er to help nonprofits of all sizes, service delivery models, and issue areas get what they need to sustain and grow their work. Her professional experience includes a broad range of organizational development projects: resource development planning and implementation (foundations, corporations, individuals, and public sector), program design, feasibility assessment, capital campaign planning and implementation, and board/resource development committee support.

Nicole is a collector so she brings a collector’s mind to her work. Meaning: she loves the thrill of the search—for better solutions, for criteria for measuring success, for innovative uses of traditional resources. But she loves the a-ha! moment even more, when she’s helped a client discover a new idea or way of thinking that has potential for great impact on their organization or the community they serve.

Before joining Fairmount’s staff, Nicole was Managing Director of New City Community Press, and long time board member for Books Through Bars. She has a Master’s in Urban Education from Temple University and undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Religious Studies from Penn State.