Core Services

Fairmount Ventures provides insightful guidance to nonprofits, foundations and public agencies as they look to answer critical, what’s-next questions.

Our clients come to us seeking answers to the questions that will help determine their future:

  • What is our course for growth?
  • What’s the next big idea to keep us on the cutting edge?
  • We know we need new facilities but where will the funding come from?
  • How do we recruit the next generation of leaders?
  • Dare we utter the “M” word, and with whom might we consider affiliating or merging?

We take these questions as seriously as our clients. Each one gets full consideration based on our extensive experience and expertise in the field. We recognize that critical decisions in one area have ripple effects throughout the entire organization. That’s why our strategic plans always identify the human, financial and intellectual capital needed to implement them; our board development plans always connect nonprofits to actual board members; and our business plans are always grounded by data, market research and financial modeling.

Fairmount’s practical, strategic approach enables our clients to make the right choices with confidence. Read about our core services to learn more.