Transformative Strategic Planning

Fairmount brings to each strategic plan the wisdom that comes from having developed well over 100 such plans for clients ranging from start-ups to well-established organizations and everything in between.  While these organizations differ in focus, size, business model and reach, they typically find themselves at a critical juncture, asking, “Now what?”

Fairmount leads a high octane, data-driven strategic planning process for nonprofits that face a myriad of choices in a rapidly changing environment and aren’t sure what’s next.  We begin with a frank and thorough assessment of the salient issues:  What does the organization do well and what else could it be doing?  How do we get noticed in a crowded market demanding evidence of quantifiable outcomes? Is talent effectively deployed? Do we have the right board? How do we respond to shifts in public policy and funders’ priorities? How do we grow and diversify our revenue base?  Should we merge or affiliate? How do we reinvigorate and jumpstart our future?

Fairmount digs deep to answer these questions, engaging board, staff and stakeholders throughout the process to challenge assumptions and re-imagine internal narratives in order to think big about the future.

We also think wide, bringing knowledge of evidence-based practices and rich experience across sectors to propose financial, program and organizational models that are as realistic and achievable as they are visionary and aspirational. While we ground all of our plans in data and research, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategic planning.  Fairmount’s plans are detailed, actionable, and customized to each organization’s unique mission, vision, and position.

The hallmark of a Fairmount plan is threefold:

  • Someone new to the organization can read the plan and understand its basis, its logic and what needs to be done.
  • The plan is specific enough to be actionable but flexible enough to be responsive to changing realities.
  • The plan identifies the financial and organizational resources needed to implement programmatic ideas

Case Studies: strategic and business planning for The Barra Foundation and Mazzoni Center.