What will we be doing five years from now?

Charting a flexible course

It isn’t just a question of where you’re going, but how you’ll get there. Through focused and comprehensive strategic plans that combine big ideas with data-driven analysis, Fairmount approaches with flexibility the options that lie before you and helps you drive to what’s next – whether that means staying in your lane or transforming your organization.

One of the region’s largest human services organizations, JEVS engaged Fairmount to develop its strategic plan to identify growth opportunities and new revenue sources. Analysis of populations served, prior growth paths, and existing funding led to recommendations for mission-centric service areas where JEVS could differentiate, infrastructure building to maximize service delivery, leadership development for strength in program areas, and partnerships and affiliations that could open new revenue streams. Today, JEVS is experiencing steady growth through its Make Hope Happen mission, an increased annual operating budget, and expansion into new, revenue-generating program areas. Fairmount continues to support JEVS in pursuing revenue from foundations, corporate giving programs, and the public sector.

Civic spaces do more than create community – they also grow great organizations. The Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation (PHRF), a group of volunteers charged with maintaining the city’s Memorial statue on the Parkway, came to Fairmount with a dream of creating an enhanced public space for education, reflection, and remembrance. We supported their capital campaign as outsourced staff, project manager, and counsel, helping to secure $9.6M in philanthropic and matched public sector giving, including a lead naming gift. Concurrent with raising the capital to create the new Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza, PHRF also sought to determine its optimal organizational structure, programming scope, and partnerships once the Plaza was built. Fairmount guided leadership through a planning process to affirm long-term vision, then developed the operational plan and budget to implement it. With the Plaza opened to acclaim in October 2018, PHRF is now advancing its goal of fostering a more tolerant society through collaborative programming and ongoing fundraising, with full-time staff in place.

Sometimes the strategic path forward requires clarity around what you do best. At the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, children who have complex, multiple disabilities from cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological impairment benefit from highly integrated, intensive residential and day program services. While the care is comprehensive, the cost can be a barrier for school districts seeking the best solution for each child. Fairmount developed HMS’ strategic plan to demonstrate its value to parents who, in turn, can work with their school districts in determining if the school is the right fit. The plan also identified areas for expansion like summer programming, additional medical services, and individualized technology solutions for students – an area in which HMS now leads.