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Over 350 organizations have turned to Fairmount to answer the questions that keep them up at night. Lucky for everyone, they’re the same questions that get us out of bed every morning. Since 1992, we’ve offered planning, implementation and coaching services to help nonprofit, philanthropic, and public agencies advance through key transition points in their organizational development. We’ve helped our clients secure over $600,000,000 in new funding, distinguish themselves in a cluttered marketplace, and build leadership, program and resource capacity to realize their goals…and get a good night’s sleep.

What’s Your Big Idea?

For us, it’s the idea of collective impact philanthropy.

Philadelphia has done a good job of organizing people in response to the immediate challenges to federal policies, so what if we provide avenues for concerned people to be able to say “yes” to positive change by also organizing money? To help our region’s giving rate reach the national average, our nonprofit and philanthropic leaders can work together to develop and implement an action plan.

The bottom line? Raising an additional $323 million per year for good causes. Together, we can find a way to secure it. Read more about this idea on our blog.

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