Get2Know: Jamira Burley – Philadelphia’s Youngest Executive Director of A Public Agency

A new generation of leaders has emerged to produce tangible impact across Philadelphia. This new energy is expanding economic, health, education and cultural opportunity, positioning Philadelphia as a must-visit destination and a place residents are proud to call home. Fairmount met with Jamira Burley, the 25-year-old Executive Director of the Philadelphia Youth Commission (@PhillyYC) in the first installment of Get2Know. This new segment reveals the personal side of young change agents impacting Greater Philadelphia and beyond.  Continue reading

Help Wanted: 1.2 Million Good Paying Jobs Available

Philadelphia’s success in the global economy will be influenced by our ability to compete in STEM-based industries in the global economy. This is not just what we think of has “high tech” jobs since technology and math are in practically everything we do. STEM is in everything from accounting to advanced manufacturing to banking to pharma’s to healthcare. Nationwide, by 2018 there will be 1.2 million STEM jobs available without qualified applicants to fill them. This creates an opportunity for Philadelphia if we can build a pipeline of people who can fill these positions. Currently, minorities, people from low income households and women are a significant part of our population yet are particularly under-represented in these careers. Continue reading