What Philadelphia’s Indego Bike-Share Informs about Community Collaboration

Now more than ever, nonprofits need to partner with different communities to combat social problems.

In the past, it was common for nonprofits to solve problems for communities instead of solving problems with communities. But, current research shows that the quickest and most comprehensive way to approach social issues is to engage a range of stakeholders, infusing their input into the problem-solving process. Continue reading

Status of The Campaign for Grade Level Reading

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (Campaign) is a nationwide joint-effort among cities, childcare and education advocates, human-service organizations, community leaders, and funders to ensure that,by 2020, the amount of third-grade students who read at grade-level has doubled.

Why is the end of third-grade identified as the critical juncture in a student’s academic career? Continue reading

Fairmount Supports the New Neighborhood Gardens Trust

The Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT), formerly known as the Neighborhood Gardens Association (NGA) unveiled their new name, logo, and future plans at the Summer Winter Garden near Drexel University. Continue reading

Nonprofit Leadership Looks Like This

Our clients come to us carrying different goals to move their organization forward. 

Some need to generate funding in new ways after their once-steady sources become obsolete. Others want to create a stronger, more engaged board. Some face uncertainty about the best approach to expand their organization. Continue reading

Does Parental Involvement = Student Achievement?

A recent New York Times op-ed titled “Parental Involvement Is Overrated” challenges conventional wisdom that increased parent engagement improves student academic achievement. Authors Keith Robinson and Angel L. Harris argue some parent involvement can even limit students academically. Robinson and Harris believe parents must do three things to positively impact their child’s academic success. Continue reading

Get2Know: Alejandro Gac-Artigas – Founder and CEO of Springboard Collaborative

A new generation of leaders has emerged to produce tangible impact across Philadelphia. This new energy is expanding economic, health, education and cultural opportunity, positioning Philadelphia as a must-visit destination and a place residents are proud to call home. Fairmount met with Alejandro Gac-Artigas, the 25-year-old founder of Springboard Collaborative (@SpringboardPHL) in the second installment of Get2Know. This segment reveals the personal side of young change agents impacting Greater Philadelphia and beyond.
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