Creating a National Board

Center for Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights (the Center) turned to Fairmount Ventures to build a national Board of Directors in order to expand its fundraising capacity and reach. The Center is a global, legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting women’s reproductive rights as a basic human right under the law. With national and international impact through 6 offices on 5 continents, the New York-based nonprofit has led groundbreaking cases before courts across the United States, the United Nations and international human rights bodies since 1992. The Center is the strategist and a key actor behind many of the significant reproductive rights cases across the country featured in national news media.

Center for Reproductive Rights - Fairmount Ventures


Fairmount worked with the Center’s board and management to:

  • Select the key cities across the country from which to recruit new members.
  • Identify well-connected people who believe in its mission with a strong record of philanthropic giving and civic engagement.
  • Recruit board candidates through outreach, relationship building and engagement.
  • Offer a workable set of policies and practices to maximize the Board’s participation.

Fairmount’s approach to identify “connectors” in target communities and sectors works equally well when recruiting a national and regional board..


The Center’s Board has expanded and diversified to include members from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas and Washington, D.C. This next wave of members expands the Center’s ability to spread its message, reach new audiences and increase its donor base and level of philanthropic support.

Fairmount Services: Board Development