Fostering Sustainable Growth and Expansion

Business Planning for Mazzoni Center

Nonprofits with strong leadership and sophisticated development teams regularly tap Fairmount for additional expert support in designing and implementing sustainable growth strategy. We’ve had the privilege of working with numerous major nonprofits in this capacity, including Philadelphia’s premier health and wellness provider to the LGBT community, Mazzoni Center.

Over the years, Fairmount has worked closely with Mazzoni’s management team to develop dynamic strategic and resource development plans.  The plans have been realized, with ongoing success in securing significant federal funding that has allowed Mazzoni to expand its reach and impact. Our most recent work has focused on supporting Mazzoni through a highly competitive, federally funded planning process to develop a long-term business model in the context of health care reform and changing federal funding streams for community-based health centers.

Mazzoni turned to Fairmount for both hands-on and strategic support in this process. As part of an extensive community needs assessment, we designed and conducted focus groups to complement Mazzoni’s comprehensive quantitative survey of its service population. Based on key findings, we’ve helped develop a set of service expansion targets and the optimal business and revenue plans to meet and sustain those targets over a three-year period. Upon finalization, the plan will allow Mazzoni to realistically project and operationalize an ambitious yet sustainable level of expansion to not just meet community needs, but do so in a manner that is aligned with national trends in health care provision to medically underserved populations.

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