Storying Your Case Statement

Using Master’s Level Writing Techniques to Create a Compelling Ask

As a development consultant and a creative writer, I regularly draw on creative writing tools from my academic training to write successful grant proposals, annual reports, and donor appeals for Fairmount Ventures’ clients. Whether you consider yourself “creative” or not, these tools can help your organization be heard among an increasingly crowded market of nonprofits seeking fundraising support.

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Hybrid Models are Here to Stay

After more than a year of “adjusting,” nonprofits are realizing that hybrid models of operating and service delivery are the new normal. While many programs and events are quickly moving back to in-person status, now is the time for leaders to reimagine their methods of engagement in the long run, using the tough and valuable lessons of the last year to guide them.

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It’s Time to Act on Racial Equity and Justice

The catastrophic events of 2020, for many, represented a long-overdue breaking point in regard to systemic racism and injustice. The institutionalized issues that people of color have experienced for generations have become vitally important topics of conversation for organizations across sectors. This shift has illuminated equity gaps in everything from program design to hiring practices and communications plans, and has forced organizations to confront areas where careful education and unlearning are needed.

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Nimble Approaches, Grounded in Vision

After a year full of unknowns, quick pivots, and unanswered questions, many organizations are feeling the pressure to make thoughtful and informed changes to everything from service delivery models to stakeholder communication plans while staying true to their “north star” – the guiding vision that keeps them aligned with mission.

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Black Philanthropy Month: Let’s Get Back to Work 

Throughout the month of August, you may have seen articles, blog posts, and interviews in honor of Black Philanthropy Month, a global effort to elevate and celebrate Black and African-descent giving. As so much of our work at Fairmount Ventures is rooted in navigating and leveraging philanthropy to strengthen and support the missions of our clients – hundreds of incredible nonprofit organizations spanning the Greater Philadelphia region – these resources have sparked essential conversations about how we operate internally, and how we approach our work.  Continue reading