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Selecting a consultant is a significant decision. To ensure that your receive the best possible value from an experience with a consultant, consider three questions:

Do I have the right people around the table?

The best organizations make smart decisions consistently. Throughout your engagement with a consultant you will have to decide on key issues. Whose involvement is critical from your team? Some suggestions are people who know the most about your organization, those with the highest investment in a successful outcome for your organization, people with a reputation for giving honest and intelligent feedback, those most affected by potential changes to your organization and those who will be the most heavily involved implementing future changes.

How do I encourage group participation while ensuring the project remains strategic?

Collaboration is critical for long-term success. Multiple voices often lead to a diverse array of fresh ideas, perspectives, and insight. But while feedback is valuable to gain a big-picture sense of problem areas, too many voices can dilute your ability to make the best decisions. Consider how you will ensure your board and staff feel their feedback is valued while remaining strategic about the direction of your organization.

What commitment level do I have from my staff and board?  

This question is designed to help you consider how dedicated your organization’s staff and board are to being involved in the engagement process with the  consultant. While you may be ready, do you have the rest of your staff and board equally committed? It’s an important question because the outcomes from working with a consultant will ultimately need to be implemented by your staff and board. Your engagement with the consultant will be more productive if you have a staff and board ready to commit to the the process from the start.


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