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Today marks the official launch of the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund (the Fund), an initiative dedicated to help nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia achieve greater success. The Fund specializes in facilitating strategic collaborations and partnerships among nonprofits in an effort to establish clearer leadership roles, reduce duplicate service efforts, and achieve adequate scale. Over the next three years, the Fund will award grants to facilitate those joint nonprofit ventures, including mergers.

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“The Fund provides a safe space and financial support to explore repositioning activities as a strategic option to strengthen p

erformance and deliver upon mission in a rapidly changing external environment,” said Nonprofit Repositioning Fund Director Nadya K. Shmavonian, according to a press release from the Fund. “The Fund will make grants to nonprofits so they can obtain the technical assistance required to thoughtfully explore long-term collaborations, and to implement repositioning activities where organizations find they can effectively combine their forces for greater impact.”

To learn more, visit the Fund’s official site.

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