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Yesterday’s mail included a nice surprise underneath the bills: a one-pound box of dark truffles. There were about 30 truffles  – old favorites to savor and new flavors to test. The project you’re trying to pitch to a funder is just one truffle in the box.


Source: Pierre's Chocolates

Source: Pierre’s Chocolates

The 30 truffles share a lot in common – dark chocolate shell, creamy chocolate center.

I chose one. I know truffles, so I knew exactly what I’d find inside each.

Funders also decide between lots of great choices – and they want to know what they’re going to get.

  • Foundations choose projects that help them make the greatest possible social impact.
  • Corporations choose projects that help them get the best visibility.
  • Individuals choose projects that make them feel connected to something good.

Tell funders what they’re getting, or they’re just going to choose another truffle.