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This week Fairmount attended #PhillyChangers, an event produced by Generocity.


Dave Raible, Executive Director of Generocity, shares what #PhillyChangers aims to achieve.

Generocity.org is a platform for social impact in Greater Philadelphia. Their mission is to strengthen the region’s position as a leader in social innovation and collaboration. A new avenue to achieve that goal is the introduction of #PhillyChangers, a resource for people to find and share solutions to social problems in Greater Philadelphia (and beyond).

The idea is exciting because it’s another step forward for Greater Philadelphia’s collective community. Collective community is a term that describes the evolution in the way not only organizations work together, but individuals across sectors are coming together to share resources, ideas, and insights.


As a leader in using collective impact strategies to create tangible results for many nonprofits, Fairmount embraces cross sector collaboration.

Generocity is inviting people to use the hashtag #PhillyChangers to highlight their solutions to social problems. Also, Greater Philadelphia change creators will have have a chance to highlight their personal stories and missions via #PhillyChangers. Upcoming details can be found at Generocity.org.


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