Fairmount InSights

Picture a postcard that’s a treasured memento to you. Maybe it’s from your grandmother, who sent it from Cape May the summer she celebrated her 70th birthday. Its corners have curled into two separate, tightly wound pieces, the bright beach scene that once splashed across its front is now a faded pastel palette, and the card’s creases are so numerous and deep that you can’t read your grandmother’s words anymore. But, still, they stick with you because her message meant something.

So what does a postcard from the shore have to do with you?

Treasured postcards don’t have to be from a summer vacation spot, and they don’t even have to be from someone you know. A heartfelt thank you from someone you helped can be just as moving.

You can create a powerful experience for someone. You can do it today. You have everything you need within arm’s reach: a client who was fundamentally changed by the organization and an address for someone else whose donation helped make it possible.

Ask your client to write a message to someone who donates every year or someone who made a large donation this year.

There’s no rule for getting this right, other than making sure it’s written from the heart. They’ll both thank you – and your postcard can become someone else’s treasured memento.