Lizzie Herestofa

Research Assistant

As a graduate student studying Public Health at the University of Pennsylvania, Lizzie Herestofa has an enthusiasm for learning and a curiosity in many fields. Her academic interests focus on understanding how complex systemic factors lead to negative health outcomes. Her experience as a collegiate volleyball player at Susquehanna University has instilled a love for collaborative teamwork and problem-solving, maintaining a positive outlook. At Fairmount, Lizzie combines her passions for learning, problem-solving, and collaboration by supporting consulting teams on a broad range of research, data analysis, and project administration supports.

When Covid turned her life upside down, she took a semester off from school to move to Boise, Idaho where she found a passion for writing, hiking, and reading to overcome life’s uncertainties. Now that she is back on the East Coast, Lizzie loves to explore Philadelphia and immerse herself in the culture.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Susquehanna University
  • Candidate, Master of Public Health, University of Pennsylvania

Volunteer Service:

  • Team Captain, Prevention Point Philadelphia

Professional Experience:

  • Policy & Initiatives Intern, Opioid Response Unit, City of Philadelphia
  • Writing Intern, The Borgen Project
“Cultivating a student mindset allows me to approach every task with curiosity, eagerness to learn, and a willingness to take on the challenge.”

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