Vacant Land, New Housing, and Exciting Innovation

Affordable City Housing

Philadelphia’s apartment rental fees are rising.This trend can be seen across many of the city’s neighborhoods, particularly in West Philadelphia. It’s an issue happening throughout large cites nationally and internationally. Several factors have contributed to the price increase, including the fact for the first time in human history more than half the world’s population lives in cities. New innovations are being produced to solve the problem of affordable urban housing that may provide a roadmap for Philadelphia to tackle two of its issues: vacant land and a lack of affordable housing. Continue reading

World Class Summit 2014 Insights

Last week Fairmount attended the 2014 World Class Summit. The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia has hosted the annual event since its inaugural year in 2009. Leaders across the social impact sector convene to leverage their skills and influence to create lasting regional impact in three primary areas: education and talent development, business growth, and infrastructure. Continue reading

Lessons From the Challenge to Build A Strong Board

In reSources, our free monthly e-newsletter, we sometimes showcase smart things other people are doing on a national level, especially if those experiences can serve as lessons that can be applied to the Greater Philadelphia area. The New York Times recently featured insights from Rebekah Campbell, a veteran entrepreneur creating her first Board of Directors. The case refers to a for-profit board but many principles likely apply to your nonprofit. Continue reading