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Don Kligerman

If you are still grooving to Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca or your car cassette player, we have your back.

The rest of us know that the world has changed in linear and unforeseen ways, creating a different environment for nonprofits since the days of shiny gold suits. Looking forward, we know that the world will continue to change, so how do we prepare for both the logical progressions and the unexpected? In an era of uncertainty and abundant choice, nonprofits can maintain the status quo and hope for the best, quickly pick one path and stick with it, or suffer the paralysis of analysis in perpetual hesitation. All are dangerous. MORE

Aimée Miller

Fairmount’s day-to-day client work is continually enriched by the skills and insights of our graduate-level Research Assistants. Working a flexible 10 hours a week around their studies, RAs help generate a wide range of data to inform our consulting team’s strategy recommendations – socio-economic and census information, background on funder grantmaking priorities and awards, competitor reviews, research-informed best practice, and donor wealth capacity and philanthropic giving history, among others. This latest spotlight on our team features RA Matthew Forrest (University of Pennsylvania, MPA, Fels Institute of Government Class of 2019), whom we asked to share more about his expertise and experience working at Fairmount Ventures. MORE


Emily McNair, Project Manager, is a seasoned development and communications professional whose work at Fairmount channels her direct experience in the human service sector, her passion for writing, and her keen awareness of organizational and interpersonal dynamics. Her client projects span resource development planning, strategic campaign support, and developing tailored materials that position nonprofits successfully among multiple stakeholder audiences. Emily studied Anthropology and holds a B.A. in that field from Bard College. MORE

Don Kligerman

Fairmount Ventures has been conducting executive searches for nonprofits for years, but we have seen a marked increase in the last several as the generational shift in leadership accelerates. Long-term leaders often become synonymous with an organization such that it is hard to imagine anyone else in their seats. Yet, the existential moments that accompany significant change are wonderful times for organizational and personal resets that should not be wasted. Here are a few points we’ve learned along the way. MORE

Margarita Mirkil

2019 is off to a busy and exciting start at Fairmount Ventures. Our consulting team’s work to help Philadelphia-region nonprofits grow and thrive is enhanced daily through the support of our outstanding Research Assistants. Among her projects, Sabrina Briggs (Temple University, BA/2019) plays a key role in defining and implementing a range of data analysis, systems enhancement, and capacity-building projects to help Fairmount best fulfill its social impact mission. Rosemary Santos (University of Pennsylvania/BA 2014) excels in developing detailed research profiles that inform a mix of planning and fundraising projects. get to know each, below. MORE

Adela Smith

Nicolette Epifani, Associate at Fairmount, comes to work every day committed to making a positive impact on her team and her clients. Her experience working with communities, government, and higher education provide a unique cross-sector perspective that informs her approach to nonprofit consulting and capacity-building. Nicolette earned a B.A. in Sociology from Widener University.  MORE

Nicole Meyenberg

Gregory A. Davis, Associate, brings to his work at Fairmount a deep focus on social justice and community development, which has been a through-line across his academic and professional experiences. His research- and writing-focused projects draw on his past work in grantwriting and grants management, and in the public sector. Greg holds a B.S. in Community and Regional Development from Temple University. MORE

Don Kligerman

Over the past 26 years, Fairmount Ventures has assisted over 400 nonprofits and raised more than $800,000,000. In so doing, we’ve generated extensive knowledge about what highly successful fundraising efforts have in common. Here’s what we’ve learned, and what we advise clients’ volunteer leadership to consider as you help staff generate more dollars to do more good.


Margarita Mirkil

No summer lull for Fairmount this year – our office is buzzing with new projects and new team members to help advance our work for the nonprofit sector. We’ve been fortunate to spend these months with three hugely talented students assisting with our client services, and our own capacity-building efforts.

Intern Cristina Bermudez (Yale University, BA, Psychology and Economics, Class of 2021) has spent her summer working hand-in-hand with our admin team on operational data analysis, systems-building, and enhancement. Graduate-level Research Assistants Ibrahim Choudhry (University of Pennsylvania, MPA, Fels Institute of Government/MSW, School of Social Policy and Practice, Class of 2018) and Mollie Williamson (University of Pennsylvania, MPA, Fels Institute of Government Class of 2019) deploy their keen research and analytical skills to benefit a range of planning and fundraising project teams. We asked them to share more about their expertise and their experiences working at Fairmount Ventures. MORE


Aria Auerbach, Project Manager, brings a strong focus on planning, organization, and systems-building to her resource development and strategy work at Fairmount. Her client projects benefit from her range of past experience in development, volunteer engagement, and events strategy, including expertise in prospect identification and management. Aria earned her B.A. in Psychology from Wheaton College and her M.B.A. from Drexel University. MORE