Fairmount4Free – Update

Back in June we announced the launch of the Fairmount4Free initiative with the goal of supporting small innovative nonprofit organizations that benefit the Greater Philadelphia region. In addition to working with PhilaSoup, we decided to move forward with an additional mini F4F engagement with the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO). Continue reading

Surmounting the insurmountable… just another day at work

Let’s face it: the social sector is not for the faint of heart. It tackles some of humanity’s most unremitting challenges. While the work can be fulfilling, it can at times seem too great. But within the sector there are (hundreds of) thousands of inspiring individuals who refuse to endorse the conventional thinking that suggests “it’s not possible to end [insert issue here] in one’s lifetime.”

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Proactive Organizational Evolution

Evolution has exponential qualities—one single cell is father and mother to millions of species alive today. If simple cells (prokaryotes) had not through the wondrous and inexplicable force of change over time evolved into complex cells (eukaryotes), which in due time morphed into simple animals laying the foundation for more complex animals, [fast forward a few mega-annums] we, Homo sapiens, may not exist today. The organisms that survived to participate in the next evolutionary leap were the ones that were adaptive. Continue reading