Fairmount InSights

Back in June we announced the launch of the Fairmount4Free initiative with the goal of supporting small innovative nonprofit organizations that benefit the Greater Philadelphia region. In addition to working with PhilaSoup, we decided to move forward with an additional mini F4F engagement with the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO).

AFAHO, a.k.a. the little engine that does, has a determined staff of three (3) and directly serves 600 people and reaches another 800 through community engagement! Through a variety of services anchored in the organization’s cultural and linguistic competencies, AFAHO works to address the unmet healthcare and social services needs in the African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee communities in the greater Philadelphia area.

In the coming weeks, we will finalize our resource development engagement lite with AFAHO. By providing feedback on their current fundraising strategy and outlining ways they can target funders likely to respond to their current competencies, capacity and resources, we hope to see this small organization strengthen its programs and grow its impact to further address the needs of Philadelphia’s African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee community.