Nonprofit Repositioning Fund Launches

Today marks the official launch of the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund (the Fund), an initiative dedicated to help nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia achieve greater success. The Fund specializes in facilitating strategic collaborations and partnerships among nonprofits in an effort to establish clearer leadership roles, reduce duplicate service efforts, and achieve adequate scale. Over the next three years, the Fund will award grants to facilitate those joint nonprofit ventures, including mergers. Continue reading

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Clarifying What Nonprofits Mean By “Community”

When nonprofits discuss their work and the people they serve, the word “community” is frequently used.

  • “We seek to help the community.”
  • “Our work increases a sense of community.”
  • “…communities in need.”

Exploring the concept of community within the context of different nonprofits, their causes, and their audiences may reveal ways to better understand and support their respective missions. But where does this process begin?

Continue reading

Drexel & The Free Library Collaborate

This month we’re examining collaborations within the nonprofit sector. With a growing emphasis for organizations to work together, highlighting examples that show tangible results or significant promise stemming from strategic alliances is useful. Continue reading

Philanthropists Measure Their Impact

The Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia released a study highlighting key facts about giving in the region. There were many interesting details worth reading. One that stands out is survey respondents’ perception of how successful their giving contributes to the success of an organization. From the study: Continue reading

William Penn Foundation’s Grant Reflects Evolving Role of Libraries

The William Penn Foundation’s (the Foundation) recent announcement of a three-year, $25 million grant to the Free Library of Philadelphia (Free Library) reflects a new view among civic and social-good leaders that libraries should expand their role to serve communities. Continue reading

When all else fails, look for the facts

At a time when we are making difficult choices about what to fund in society and particularly in schools, it may be time to consider some research-based facts.   Recent research published in the journals Education Next and Educational Researcher reveals that students participating in art education demonstrate higher levels of critical thinking skills, social tolerance and historical empathy when compared to students without contact to the arts. Continue reading